Justin Bogle #19

Justin Bogle Header Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS

Justin Bogle joins the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS team for the 2019 season, gaining the fill-in Supercross ride for the injured Benny Bloss. Justin is an accomplished rider, turning pro in 2011 and in a few short years winning the 2014 250SX East Championship.

As he transitioned to the premier 450 class, Justin has seen success collecting his first 450 victory during the 2017 Budds Creek National.

Outside of racing, Justin is also a very talented musician, with songs at the top of the iTunes chart. Look for Justin at the front of the field in Supercross this season.

Mechanic: Derek Rankin

2019 Season Results

2019 Supercross Results:
Anaheim 1 SX: 19th
Glendale SX: 15th
Anaheim 2 SX: 17th
Oakland SX: 10th
San Diego SX: 4th
Minneapolis SX: 13th
Arlington SX: 20th
Detroit SX: 16th
Atlanta SX: 14th
Daytona SX: 14th
Indianapolis SX: 15th
Seattle SX: 11th
Houston SX: 7th
Nashville SX:9th 
Denver SX : 
E. Rutherford SX: 
Las Vegas SX: